A DJ can really liven up a party

DJ (free clip art)

DJ (free clip art)

Over the years I have come to appreciate how much a charleston sc dj can liven up a party! Back when I was younger, I used to create my own mixer tapes of my favorite music, but that got to be too time consuming to keep up with all the new music. There comes a point in your life when you realize that you need to do more than just find and record your favorite music to share with your friends! In addition to great music, a professional DJ can add some lively chatter and banter, and make the crowd laugh and enjoy themselves!

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Random thoughts

One of the best things about being retired is that I can sit and watch people and have my own random thoughts. A diesel attends into the vintage. Now that is about as random a thought as anyone could have, as a vintage diesel roars through the neighborhood and off into the sunset. Now I can go back to my adult beverage and not be bothered by much of anything in this world.

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Heat shrink tubing printers

Did you know that you can print on shrink wrap? I had no idea that you could do that until Mona told me that she was pricing and comparing the heat shrink tubing printers at buyheatshrink dot com. For a few moments I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to do that, but then I started to think about how many times we are opening jars and bottles of products and we have to peel away some of the plastic wrapping. I never thought about how that plastic wrapping was heat shrink tubing! That’s pretty cool! You could use it for all kinds of business promotional products!

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Labor Day and the cat

The girl friend and I have declared a truce for the Labor Day holiday and will go to the lake together and try to mend the problems we have been having because of that durn cat. We never fight except about that durn cat. We do not fight about money, sex or any of the other problems that couples have, only that durn cat. I am very allergic and if I am around that cat I sneeze and can not breathe. It is not that I do not like that durn cat it is the fact that it almost kills me every time it is near me. Of course she will want to take the cat to the lake with us, and she will try to convince me to get some allergy shots. I hate shots. Maybe it is time to see if it can swim.

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Shopping for a guitar

After Julia showed me this You-Tube video of a guy playing a resonator guitar she told me that she was thinking about taking guitar lessons so she could play music like the guy on the video.

Not trying to be mean (I’ve been accused of being mean from time to time) I suggested that she try to find a place that would let her rent an instrument while taking lessons. I am concerned that she will buy the instrument, take two or three music lessons and then give it up because the pressure on her fingers will be too painful for her to take. She’s a real wuss, you know what I mean?

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