Sometimes it can be a challenge to not be jealous

Gibson 2015 Les Paul Supreme Electric Guitar Seafoam Green

Gibson 2015 Les Paul Supreme Electric Guitar Seafoam Green

When Greg sent me the link to look at a picture of the guitar he is going to buy with his Christmas bonus money, I found it difficult to not be jealous. The link was and I have copied and pasted a photo of the guitar that is pictured on the page. I’m not sure that I’m actually jealous of him for buying that particular guitar – I think it is more about having that much disposable income to spend on himself that I envy. Sure must be nice to be able to afford those types of big-boy toys!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (free clip art)

Thanksgiving (free clip art)

We are having some good friends come over to share our Thanksgiving dinner this evening. I have been working on a few things, like the 21 pound turkey and my sweet white bread. The rest of the meal is being brought as a pot luck or covered dish. They’ve each agreed on a variety of side dishes and desserts. It’s going to be a great feast full of good food and good company.

Mothers Rings Make Really Nice Gifts

Mothers ring with 5 stones

Mothers ring with 5 stones

My siblings and I have been wracking our brains trying to figure out what a good gift for our mother (who has everything) would be. My sister (bless her heart) told me that she found a website that will allow you to design your own mothers rings and she sent me the link to the website. I found the perfect ring to order, for my siblings and I to split the cost, and have one birthstone for each of her five kids! How cool is that! We can choose from genuine stones, or simulated, and we have a choice of white or yellow gold, and the gold types range from 10K and up! I’m including a photo of the one that I think we should order – it is slightly less than $300 if we order the simulated stones with 14K gold. It is only a little over $300 if we order it with genuine stones! I like this idea a lot!

Combining Households

One of the guys I went to school with thought he could retire and go on down to Florida a little earlier than the rest of us. I think he is actually the first of my friends to try retirement. But that didn’t work out so well and now he’s moving to Virginia. I read his post on Facebook and called him up to ask what is going on?

Evidently his Dad is very ill and I figured it would have to be something serious to get Matt out of Florida and back to Virginia. He’s looking for Virginia Moving Companies to help him get some of his things back to North Arlington, and then he is going to move his Dad into a new place that they can share.

Matt’s wife used to be a nurse at a rural hospital, so they are perfectly capable of taking care of Matt’s dad. It’s just a shame that moving is being caused by bad news and that’s not what they had planned. I think it is probably best that they keep his dad in Virginia so he can get the best medical care and continue seeing his own doctors.

I’m not much help with Virginia Movers – but I told Matt that I would be happy to fly to Orlando and drive one of his cars back to Virginia with him. I know that’s a long stressful drive and I’m sure his wife would rather ride with Matt than drive her all that way.


Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents

Car accidents

According to ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), in 2012 car accidents in Great Britain caused 1,754 deaths, 23,039 serious injuries, and 170,930 ‘slight’ injuries. There are a number of causes of road deaths, but the most common are detailed below:

  • Approximately 400 people per year die in Great Britain as a result of one or more car travelling over the speed limit.
  • Around 280 road deaths can be attributed to a driver being over the blood alcohol limit.
  • Youth and inexperience. Drivers aged between 17 and 24 are involved in more than 400 deaths per year. These deaths include drivers, passengers, and other road users.
  • Irresponsible driving. Around 200 deaths per year were as a result of driving described as “careless, reckless or in a hurry,” a further 120 deaths were caused by “aggressive driving,” whilst 40% of crashes were caused by a driver who “failed to look properly.”

Road deaths across Europe

According to the European Commission, road deaths between 2000 and 2008 dropped by 31%. The number of road deaths in the EU in 2008 was just under 39,000 – this is still twenty times the number of deaths caused by air and rail accidents put together.

The least safe countries in which to drive are Lithuania (with 148 road fatalities per million inhabitants), Poland (143), Romania (142), Latvia (139), and Bulgaria (139). The UK has the second safest record in the EU (44 road deaths per million inhabitants), but the safest country in which to drive is Sweden (43). It should be noted that different figures are available, and in some cases both Norway and Denmark are considered to have a lower number of road deaths, but Sweden is generally considered to have the most consistent road safety record.

The road safety is Sweden is not only the best in Europe, but the best in the world, and it is improving. Whilst the number of road deaths per million in 2008 was 43, in 2013 it was 27. When you compare this to the countries in the world with the worst road safety records the results are quite shocking.

A worrying number of countries have a road death toll of over 200 people per million, with eight countries showing a toll of over 300 per million. Worst of all are the three countries with a road death toll of over 400 per million inhabitants:

  • Libya – 405 deaths per million inhabitants
  • Dominican Republic – 417 deaths per million inhabitants
  • Eritrea – 484 deaths per million inhabitants

Strange causes of road accidents

Drivers in Britain may be surprised to know that there are an estimated 42,000 accidents each year involving deer (Source: The Deer Initiative). But deer are nothing compared to the danger posed by Elk. Between 2005 and 2011 there were 315 Elk-related road deaths in Norway. And according to many Norwegians, the risk increases during a full moon.

Whether your accident was as a result of elk, or someone else’s dangerous driving, if you need a second opinion on your case, contact us, SOS Claims.