Lock the guitar in tune

I can recall many concerts and performances that I’ve attended and sat in the audience, listening to the musicians warm up and tune their instruments. I always wondered why they didn’t tune them up earlier – do instruments really go out of tune so quickly that they couldn’t be tuned fifteen minutes earlier? I always thought that the musicians were just being lazy by waiting until the last minute like that. Now that I’ve found out that they could have put a tremolo on their guitars, and that would have kept them in tune, I’m starting to think that maybe the musicians really were being poor planners, or lazy, by waiting until the last minute. Or maybe they were being cheap by not having a tremolo. What do you think?

Alberta’s Silicon Valley

Anyone serious about working in the computer industry, telecommunications, or oil and natural gas exploration will probably find work in the Calgary – Edmonton corridor. This part of Canada is known as Alberta’s Silicon Valley – it is all about technology and engineering. Finding Calgary houses for rent will become harder as the standard of living and quality of life continues to grow and improve. Thankfully, the internet can make that search much easier for people, both before they go and after they arrive.

Calgary is known for other things, too. Such as the Calgary Flames hockey team with the nearby Edmonton Oilers. Hockey is serious stuff in Canada and I’ve always wanted to go to a hockey game in Canada to see how the fans act and interact with their local teams.

On the opposite end of the entertainment spectrum and season is the Calgary Stampede. This is a huge, world famous rodeo held every July. I first heard about the Stampede from a friend who raises quarterhorses. I was talking about the National Finals Rodeo as being the best, and she told me that the NFR is the best as far as the riders and animals in the competitions, but that she always thought that the Calgary Stampede was the best for overall entertainment.

Until I did research on Canada I was always under the impression that Vancouver was the best area, but now that I have learned about Alberta, I believe that Calgary and Edmonton are the areas that I would most like to visit – in both the summer and the winter.

Wood or Nylon Hot Sticks

I wanted to surprise Bill with a new pair of hot sticks for his drum because I heard him talking on the phone to Mike about wanting to buy a new pair. Unfortunately, when I went online to order a pair for him, I saw that they come in both nylon and wood, and I don’t know which type he would prefer. So much for my good intentions to surprise him with a new pair!

End of Summer Fireworks

The family fun water park near our house is celebrating the end of summer by hosting a 30 minute fireworks show on the lake. Of course, they are hoping that everyone will want to come to the water park and spend the day there, then buy food from the concession stands for dinner and stick around until 8:00 pm to watch the fireworks show. But a lot of people actually park along side the road and in nearby shopping center and motel parking lots and walk to the edge of the lake to watch the show without going into the park itself.

Hard to believe this is the end of summer already. Labor Day has always meant the end of summer for me, as I grew up on the East Coast and school did not start until the Tuesday after Labor Day. I was surprised when I moved to Tennessee that the kids here have to go back to school in early August. It kind of takes away the magic of Labor Day being the last big hurrah for the summer. Nonetheless, it still means that a lot of public pools will be closing and the days are certainly getting shorter and cooler, and it is always nice to have a 3-day weekend.

Summer Winding Down

With all the kids back in school now, summer is winding down for most of us. Less than two weeks to Labor Day weekend, which is the unofficial end of summer anyway. The temperatures are still in the 90’s every day, but the humidity is less and there is a light breeze. I guess I have finally gotten used to the heat, too.

I want to get out to the beach or the pool at least a few more times this summer. I hope to take a couple hours during the week to sit at the pool and enjoy the peace and quiet of no kids running and screeching while I want to relax. I’m sure many of them will still go to the beach on the weekends, but during the week the pools and beach should be pretty deserted now.