Wood or Nylon Hot Sticks

I wanted to surprise Bill with a new pair of hot sticks for his drum because I heard him talking on the phone to Mike about wanting to buy a new pair. Unfortunately, when I went online to order a pair for him, I saw that they come in both nylon and wood, and I don’t know which type he would prefer. So much for my good intentions to surprise him with a new pair!

End of Summer Fireworks

The family fun water park near our house is celebrating the end of summer by hosting a 30 minute fireworks show on the lake. Of course, they are hoping that everyone will want to come to the water park and spend the day there, then buy food from the concession stands for dinner and stick around until 8:00 pm to watch the fireworks show. But a lot of people actually park along side the road and in nearby shopping center and motel parking lots and walk to the edge of the lake to watch the show without going into the park itself.

Hard to believe this is the end of summer already. Labor Day has always meant the end of summer for me, as I grew up on the East Coast and school did not start until the Tuesday after Labor Day. I was surprised when I moved to Tennessee that the kids here have to go back to school in early August. It kind of takes away the magic of Labor Day being the last big hurrah for the summer. Nonetheless, it still means that a lot of public pools will be closing and the days are certainly getting shorter and cooler, and it is always nice to have a 3-day weekend.

Summer Winding Down

With all the kids back in school now, summer is winding down for most of us. Less than two weeks to Labor Day weekend, which is the unofficial end of summer anyway. The temperatures are still in the 90’s every day, but the humidity is less and there is a light breeze. I guess I have finally gotten used to the heat, too.

I want to get out to the beach or the pool at least a few more times this summer. I hope to take a couple hours during the week to sit at the pool and enjoy the peace and quiet of no kids running and screeching while I want to relax. I’m sure many of them will still go to the beach on the weekends, but during the week the pools and beach should be pretty deserted now.

My Chili

There is a show on the cable networks about a guy with really stupid looking bleached hair that goes around the country tasting food at diners and hole in the wall restaurants. I have no idea what his name is or what the show is called, but I know he is famous. I see his face on the cover of various magazines while standing in line at the grocery store checkout.

Tonight’s show was about a diner in Cincinnati and their chili. Now, chili is cooked and served differently, depending upon which part of the country you are in. The Cincinnati chili is unique in that it is made with cinnamon added. Plus, when you order chili in Cincinnati, you order by the number of “ways” that you want. For instance, I would order 5 way chili, which means that it would have five layers of different foods piled on top of each other. Five way starts with spaghetti noodles on the bottom, then a heaping ladle full of chili, then a layer of chopped onions, a layer of beans, and it is topped with a pile of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. If you wanted 6 Way chili, you would take the 5 way and add a final layer of breaded and deep fried jalapeno peppers to it.

I learned this when I traveled to Cincinnati on a business trip and we were able to go out at night to eat dinner wherever we wanted. I tried the chili from 3 different places, and it was very much the same at each place. And it was really good. That is how we fix chili at home now – the family and I just love it.

Fun rhythm sticks for kids

When Shellie and I were talking about what we could get to entertain the kids that wasn’t involving video games, or electronic devices, we started to think of inexpensive musical instruments, like kazoos and rhythm sticks. I can remember as a kid playing with wooden spoons and my mother’s pots and pans, and having a great time! Well, that’s fine for a kid that’s a toddler, but for a few pre-schoolers, I think kazoos and rhythm sticks will do the trick just fine, don’t you agree?