Parts Cars

My daughter wrecked her car again. Second time in a ┬ámonth. The car was just a clunker, but it got her back and forth to work and her boyfriend’s house. That saved me the extra time, money for gas, and trips driving her around town.

The car will cost way too much to repair after this last fiasco. I’m going to list it on Craiglsit as a parts car and see if I can salvage a few hundred dollars from it. Surely someone will pony up $300 or $400 dollars for car – the tires are worth over $200 just by themselves.

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Best Burgers

Around here, the best hamburgers at a fast food place has been a chain of burger places out of Memphis: Backyard Burgers. Their burgers are made from Angus beef, are formed thick and juicy, and are grilled instead of fried. The basic burger comes with a leaf or two of romaine lettuce, a slice of fresh tomato, a couple slices of purple onion, and a couple of pickle chips. They have specialty burgers with other options, such as a variety of cheeses and types of sauces. I like their seasoned fries but they also offer waffle cut fries and their milk shakes are made with real Breyers ice cream. This is great food, ya’ll, and at a fair price.

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Red Cars

I had to go out this morning to repair some of our newspaper boxes, two of the ones that I had to repair are among the best selling boxes that we have so it was very important to get them back in service. On my way to Brentwood to start the repairs I was almost run off the road by a red car, as I got to Nippers Corner I came upon an accident with two red cars involved, and on my way back home the police had a red car pulled over. All of this reinforces my belief that red cars cause most of the accidents that we see in our world and I would not drive a red car for a truck load of money.

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What makes me mad

Some people have a list of 100 things that they like are 100 things about them. Not me I have started a list of 100 things that make me mad. At the very top of the list are the drivers here in Nashville, everyone here thinks that they are special. I think they are very special and they should be riding on a short bus instead of clogging up our roads, putting on makeup or reading a paper in the car should be felonies and the idiots should be put in jail for this infractions. OK that is the first entry in my 100 things that make me mad, tune in later for more from the sharp mind of Walter.

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Summer blues

In the summer I only have baseball to watch and keep me clear headed, I can not wait for fall when I have all 3 of my loves going pretty much at one time, baseball, football and hockey will all be making news during the fall and when baseball is over after the World Series, football and hockey will fill my time.

I discovered a long time ago that watching sports is much better than drinking beer and chasing women nothing good can ever come of those two combined, I know I have been married twice and hated every minute of both of them. Both of the women I married hated sports and expected me to hate it right along with them, needless to say I still have sports.

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