Mixed reviews can be confusing

Have you ever bothered to read product reviews on a business’s website about a product that the company is selling? Sometimes the reviews can be really confusing, and sometimes I wonder if the reviews are genuine. For example, I was reading the product reviews on california cable, made by Fender, and some of the reviews are very good, and are well written. You can tell that the person who wrote the review at least has good writing skills. Yet there are several reviews that are poorly written by someone who has terrible writing skills, and you have to wonder whether any of them are honest reviews or if the bad reviews are being written by trolls.

Weekend Washout

This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. Not only do we celebrate the holiday to honor mothers, we have several big outdoor activities locally. For years we would host the Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament at the Hermitage Golf Course the week before and including Mother’s Day. That finally ended a few years ago.

Then we have the annual Steeplechase on Mother’s Day weekend. A huge charity event and Nashville’s version of the Kentucky Derby, with women getting dressed up with fancy hats and having catered picnics on the race grounds. We also have the Tennessee Ren Fest and the annual Air Show in Lavergne. All of these huge outdoor event depend on good weather for attendance and a financial success. And every year it rains on Mother’s Day weekend. Without fail.

Neither a lender nor a borrower be

Justin was really upset last night when he discovered that his whirlwind mic cables had not been put away after Stan had borrowed them last month. He can’t find them anywhere, and he was planning to use them this upcoming weekend. It’s a good thing he was checking out his equipment now, and not wait until the last minute! Stan claims he put them away and returned them, but they are not where they are supposed to be. Now Justin is going to have to try to buy some replacement cables right off. I hope he can get Stan to reimburse him for them!

Candy On Its Way


Guest post by Stacie Whitehouse:

I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny has been extremely busy this year. He is heading our way tonight with a huge basket of candy for every house.

I personally like jellybeans, but I would be happy to have a big basket of chocolate. Whatever is easiest for the Bunny.

I saw a tray of chocolate covered Snickers that were wrapped in special Easter wrappers. The candy is even shaped liked an egg. I think that Snickers is the best chocolate covered egg out there!